Get started with VS Code for Node.js development

Get started with VS Code for Node.js development

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As developers, there's one tool we all use much that is a code editor. So we always want a smart code editor that can help and make our work as a developer as easy as possible.

I personally use the VS Code for Node.js development purposes. I will share some tools and thoughts which I use to make Node.js development easier.

Node.js Extensions for VS Code


  • ESLint is a popular extension for VS Code.
  • It's a pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript.
  • It will detect problems in real-time like unused variables and incorrect variable names like errors easily.

Debugger for Chrome

  • Debugger for Chrome allows developers to debug javascript code with developer tools available in Chrome.
  • Features are breakpoints, variables values, etc can be used with this extension.

Prettier - Code Formatter

  • Prettier code formatter helps us to auto-format the Javascript code when we save the javascript files or using a shortcut(Ctrl + K, F - Windows, Cmd + K, F - Mac).
  • Prettier is a configurable code formatter. Helps us to make the code formatting consistent all over the project.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

  • Visual Studio IntellliCode provides AI-assisted code completion features for Javascript/Typescript, Python and other languages.
  • This tool also improves the productivity of the developer as it provides great code completion assistance to developers.

Code Spell Checker

  • Code Spell Checker is also a great tool that prevents silly mistakes like spelling mistakes and helps the developers to use proper names across your project.

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